The ABCs Of Death.

The anthology film has seen a dramatic comeback in the lower budget regions of the horror genre in the last few years.  No doubt because it is a way for several directors to pool together resources… also it caters to short attention spans and doesn’t require writers/directors to come up with an actual movie’s worth of story time.  Lazy?  Maybe.  If done right, these can be a lot of fun.  Think “Creepshow” or the original “Tales from the Crypt”.  But then I think “V/H/S” and I get worried.  As do Lovelock and Starkwell.


[You know what the big issue here is already… they see that the movie clocks in at two hours and ten minutes.]

Starkwell: I think we should skip some letters.

Lovelock: Is ‘Z’ for zombie in this case?  Can we just go right to there and make this a five minute affair?

Starkwell: Oh God, I hope zombies show up before ‘Z’.


Can I just say, this movie is fucking insane?  I mean REALLY insane.  Different concepts, ideas, styles, animated SWITCH to live action, different genres, Hell, even different Languages… There’s a claymation segment for God’s sake… The two sat there looking happy, but like they were also being kicked in the balls.  At many points, I thought we would definitely lose Starkwell… FoxLady with tits, aminated shit, dudes jacking off… There eventually were some zombies that showed up in ‘W’ (I'm still surprised they hung on for that many letters...).  Clown zombies to be precise.  It was a bad segment.  But by this time they were totally fucking speechless.  The film would get higher marks if it weren’t so damn offensive (unnecessarily so), and basically pointless.

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