Doctor Blood's Coffin.

What can one say about this early-sixties mad scientist romp?  Who the hell knows?  Let’s let Starkwell and Lovelock do the talking.


[Dr. Blood is kicked out of the lab and then TITLE SCREEN with intense music.]

Starkwell: Man, they just don’t make intros that are that cool anymore.


[Stranger is going around at night injecting people with something, and kidnapping them.]

Starkwell: It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good ol’ day-for-night shot.

Lovelock: Did you ever notice that older movies always have a bunch of older and more mature actors and characters?

Starkwell: Seriously, the leading 'young' man looks to be in his fifties.


It turns out that there is a Dr. Blood junior and a Dr. Blood senior.  Junior is now back in his hometown and wants to set up a lab there.  I don’t think ol’ Daddy knows he was kicked out of his research lab… As Starkwell noted, “Judging how he stared at the nurse’s ass, I don’t think research is his only desire”.


[Cop comes in to talk about the kidnappings.]

Starkwell: They’re making it a little obvious that Blood Junior is the culprit.

Lovelock: Unless that’s just what they want you to think…

[Turns out it is Blood Junior who’s been doing the kidnapping.]

Starkwell: Well, they didn’t wait very long to let us in on the secret.


The film then moved pretty slowly, but the story was intriguing enough.  Lovelock is still waiting to figure out why I told him this was a zombie movie, but it doesn’t stop both of them from watching somewhat enthusiastically.


[One of Blood Junior’s victims escaped, the cops find him, they bring Blood to the scene.]

Starkwell: So, Dr. Blood injects him with something at the scene of the crime, and the guy immediately dies, and… the cops don’t even suspect anything weird is going on?

Lovelock: Whatever, hopefully the dead guy comes back soon and starts tearin’ it up, because, honestly,  my eyelids are getting heavy.


Although there was talk of putting a heart into a corpse to re-animate it at one point, Lovelock is very discouraged, since, with less than half an hour left, he is really starving for some kind of zombie, any kind of zombie.  Starkwell is unbothered.  Well, he’s bored as hell, but not because of the lack of zombies.


Starkwell: The music is the only thing in this movie with any action in it.

Lovelock: Seriously, the score is action packed.  The movie... BOREDOM PACKED.


With three minutes left, we get a walking re-animated corpse, which proceeds to kill Dr. Blood Jr.  Lovelock admitted that it actually was kind of worth the wait.


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    Hahahaha "BOREDOM PACKED"