Bloodlust Zombies.

A 2010 straight-to-video film that features a porn actress in the starring role is almost guaranteed to be awful.  I’m surprised Starkwell and Lovelock haven’t already left the room.


[Scientists experiment on cats.]

Lovelock: Awww… look at the kitties.

Starkwell: Did you say kitties or titties?

Lovelock: Does it even matter at this point?


Worst acting ever, set design that looks like it was thrown together by five year olds, dialogue that sounds as if written by a drunken fifth grader… I don’t know how long this will last.


Starkwell: High powered military scientists, and those plastic champagne glasses are all they can afford?


Porn Star gets naked for crusty old dude, and Starkwell leaves.  Then Lovelock leaves.  Then I shut it off.  Hopeless.  How does bullshit like this get made?  Boobs, I guess.


  1. Sounds pretty bad. Did you really turn it off or did you soldier all the way through?

    1. Absolutely, I turned it off. I couldn't do it.

  2. Anonymous19:45

    That screen cap is amazing.